School Staff

We have a very experienced, skilled and enthusiastic staff who are all committed to providing every child with the best possible learning experience at Lyneham Primary School. 

Head Teacher

Mr John Read 


Acting Deputy Head Teacher

Ms L. Davies (KS2 and Literacy Leader)

Mrs B. Maslin (SENCo and EYFS Leader)  

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs K. McFarlane - Business Manager

Mr J. Howard - Assessment and Disadvantaged Learner Leader

Mrs R. Sharma - Numeracy Leader

Miss S. Smith - KS1 Leader


 Foundation Stage & Key Stage 1 Teachers 

 Mrs J. Daane- Robin Class (FS)

 Miss R. Morrison - Wagtail Class (FS)

Mrs R. Smith - Dove Class (Y1)

Miss E. Cotter - Owl Class (Y1)

Mrs M. Dixon - Woodpecker Class (Y2)

Miss. S Smith - Peacock Class (Y2)

  Key Stage 2 Teachers

Mr C. Jones - Swan Class

Mrs V. Pascal & Ms L. Davies - Puffin Class

Mrs J. Gedge - Hawk Class

Mr R. Escott - Kestrel Class

 Miss B. Durston - Osprey Class

  Mr. D. Mileham - Falcon Class

Mr. J. Howard - Penguin Class

Mrs R. Sharma  - Eagle Class

Special Education Needs Co-ordinator

Mrs B Maslin


Reading Leader - Mrs B. Parsons   

Transition Leader - Mrs N. Evans



Safeguarding Leads  

Mr Read, Mrs McFarlane, Mrs Maslin, Ms Davies

Administrative Team

Mrs K. McFarlane - Business Manager

Mrs  S. Pike - Finance Officer

Mrs M. Kyprianides - Administrator

Mrs S. Foster - Administrator

Mr R. Irving - Caretaker

Teaching Assistants

In addition to our skilled teachers we are fortunate to have a large  team of highly skilled Teaching Assistants who support the children in their learning throughout the school.  We have a number of Higher Level Teaching Assistants who are able to lead whole class activities to support teachers.

We also have an Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA), Miss P. Rodgers who works with a number of children across the school, as and when they would benefit for some extra support.  

Sports Coach

Mr A. Thorne, our Sports Coach has really raised the profile of sport across the school and teaches a variety of sports to all year groups.  Thanks to Mr Thorne we have enjoyed some great success at cluster sports festivals. Mr Thorne also runs popular after-school and holiday fun clubs.  


At lunchtimes our trained team of friendly, experienced Mid-day Supervisory Assistants help the children make the most of their lunchtime break. 


Our resident Caretaker, Mr R. Irving, keeps our site safe and running smoothly   and also helps out with lots of school activities.