Lyneham Primary School

Lyneham Primary School

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Computing YEAR 1 & YEAR 2




Part 1: What is a computer?

Part 2: What are the main parts of a computer?

Part 3: How do people use computers at work?

Once you have completed the three videos can you design your own computer?

Send any work to


Part 1: What are computer bugs?

Part 2: How to program a robot?

Can you program the robot in the second game to complete the different tasks?


Year 1 & Year 2: What is code?

Visit the website above, watch the video all about computer code and play the game. Can you identify all the items which can be coded? 


Year 1 & Year 2: What is an algorithm

Can you make an algorithm from your everyday life? If you do can you email a copy of it to