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As of 2nd September 2020 Lunch Clubs have been suspended due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Child Run Lunch Clubs


Children at Lyneham Primary School are always looking for ways to demonstrate their value of responsibility and to help them achieve this they decided to set up and run their own extra curricular lunch time clubs.  At the moment, these are only open to children in Key Stage 2, but we do have plans to launch them for key Stage 1 and EYFS children in the future.


Lunch clubs provide additional activities for children to take part in during the school day and cover a very wide variety of subjects.  They run for half an hour and each club is run once a week.  There is no need to sign up to these clubs in advance and children are welcome to attend as many lunch clubs as they like over the course of the week.


Anyone in Key Stage 2 can apply to run a lunch club and application forms can be requested at the office.  Children wanting to run their own club must put a proposal together and think carefully about the resources needed and the feasibility of the club (unfortunately we can't have swimming club or trampolining club) and whether or not they really want the responsibility of leading activities for other children once a week.  If they can do this and they have decided they want to go ahead, they submit their form to the office and it will be reviewed by a member of the Senior Leadership Team.  Once given the green light, the child must run the club for four weeks.  After that time they will need to evaluate the success of their club and they will receive a Lyneham Leader badge that they can wear with pride on their school uniform.