Letters Sent Home


Term 1

Parking and Site Access 7th Sept

New Access Arrangements 13th Sept

Forest School 14th Sept

Extracurricular Clubs Information & Timetable 19th Sept

Yr2 School Visit - Dave and Ewe 19th Sept

Yr5 School Trip - We The Curious 21st Sept

Weekly Forest School Timetable 2018-2019

FoLPS Adult Bingo 2.10.18

Italian Day Meals 2.10.18

Fijian Independence Day 3.10.18

Harvest Festival Service & Food Bank Collection 4.10.18

Yr2 School Trip - REME Museum 22.10.18

Condover Hall - just a few days 23.10.18

Yr5 RWBA Our World 23.10.18

Thames Water - notice of service work 24.10.18


Term 2

Yr3 School Trip - We The Curious Dec 2018

Netball Festival @ RWBA Nov 2018

EYFS Maths Workshop

Cinderella Pantomime

RWBA Christmas Music Concert

Reverse Advent

Yr1 Celebration of Learning

Yr5 School Trip - Chippenham Museum Dec 2018

Terms 3 & 4 Extracurricular Clubs

Term 3 Forest School Timetable


Term 3

RWBA Beauty & The Beast Pantomime

Forest School Term 4 Timetable

Forest School Agreement

EYFS Chinese New Year

RWBA Yr6 Parents Information Meeting

Yr5 & Yr6 Sex & Good Relationships


Term 4


MoMo Infographic

Y3 & Yr4 Maths Workshop

Yr5 Chippenham Museum Visitor

RWB Rotary Club Quiz Night

Yr3 Trip to Charmouth Heritage Centre

N.F.E.R Yr6 2019

Yr1 Phonics Screening Parents Workshop

Parents Info Sheet Yr1 Phonics Screening

EYFS Easter Events

Terms 5 & 6 Extracurricular Clubs

Yr1 Trip to Berkeley Castle

If you are unable to find the letter you are looking for please contact the School Office.