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The information given on this page is subject to measures applied due to COVID-19. Tours are temporarily suspended. Please contact the school Admin Office for the latest information. 

Joining us from another school

At Lyneham Primary School, over 75% of our pupils come from families with parents serving in the armed forces so we have become very effective in helping your child to settle into school and start making progress as quickly as possible.  It all starts with a visit to the school with Mrs Stevens, our Transition Coordinator. A visit can be arranged by contacting the school Admin Office. Mrs Stevens will take you on a tour of the school and answer any questions you may have and listen carefully to everything you tell us about your child.  This information will then be used to help assign your child to their new class and help make any decisions that might be needed related to any particular needs that your child may have.


On arrival at school, your child will be met by Mrs Stevens, taken to their new class and introduced to a pupil 'buddy' who will help them to settle in.  During the first few weeks after starting with us, your child will be given the option of attending 'Pit Stop' at lunch times if they wish and will be encouraged to sign up to an after school club.  This will help them to quickly make new friends and get a feel for some of the great things we have on offer at our school. 


Our teachers will assess children within the first two weeks of starting with us so that we can identify any strengths or challenges that they may have in their learning and that information will be used to plan learning opportunities accordingly.  We encourage you to speak to your child's class teacher regularly during this period so that we can work together to ensure your child feels fully included.  Also, during this time, Mrs Stevens will make regular visits to your child to see how they are settling in and offer any support that might be needed, such as potentially time with one of our two full time ELSAs. 


At the end of the two weeks, Mrs Stevens will ask you to fill in a questionnaire about how you found the transition process.  This has been very helpful for us in continuing to improve the transition process to suit the needs of all of our new starters, so we ask that you kindly fill this in and return it as soon as possible.


When you find out that you are due to leave Lyneham, please also get in touch with us as soon as possible, as we are just as committed to helping your child transition to a new school as we are in settling them into ours.  Mrs Stevens will spend time with your child helping them to get ready for the move and this has also been a hugely successful and valuable experience for families moving out of Lyneham.