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Lunches and School Milk


School Lunches

From September 2021 we are looking forward to returning to our normal full hot school meal service for all year groups. Children will have a variety of freshly prepared main courses and desserts to choose from along with home baked bread and salad.

We encourage all parents and carers to order school meals for their child(ren). Lunches at Lyneham Primary School are provided by Dolce Schools Catering and are prepared fresh on site daily in our School kitchen by a dedicated kitchen staff. All the meals are nutritionally balanced, and are more convenient and often more cost effective than providing a healthy packed lunch for your child every day. 

The Dolce meal ordering system (SchoolGrid) allows parents and carers to log any food allergies or sensitivities and ensures that only meals on the menu that do not contain that allergen can be ordered for your child.  

The menu will be available to those children who have ordered a school lunch via SchoolGrid. You can download a printable menu by clicking on the below image. If you would like to order school lunches and have not received a registration link from SchoolGrid then please email the school Office Admin Team.

All children in EYFS, Year 1 and Year 2 are entitled to an Infant Free School Meal as are any children who are entitled to Free School Meals.  This will automatically be set up on your account. Parents and carers need to place meal orders via SchoolGrid but there is no payment required.

For further information on lunch orders we have prepared a handy guide for our parents and carers which can be downloaded by clicking here.


Please make your lunch choices by logging on to SchoolGrid.


Information from Dolce for Parents and Carers:

Parent Information from Dolce

Frequently Asked Questions

Packed Lunches from Home

If you would rather provide a packed lunch for your child on some or all school days, we encourage this to be a healthy lunch. There are lots of ideas and recipes for healthy packed lunches on the NHS Change4Life website here.


We request that you do not send items containing nuts into school as this is very dangerous for some of our pupils with a nut allergy.

Eating, touching or even smelling the breath of someone who has eaten nuts can trigger a life threatening allergic reaction in a person with a nut allergy.

Please check the labels of all food items that you send into school and avoid any nut containing products, for example:

  • Peanut butter
  • Chocolate nut spreads e.g Nutella
  • Some cereal, granola and Naked bars
  • Cakes or biscuits that contain nuts
  • Sauces or dishes that contain nuts such as satay

We know that you will understand the importance of this and thank you for helping us to keep all our children safe.


Milk for Under and Over 5's

All children under the age of 5 are entitled to FREE milk in school. If you would like your child to continue to have milk after they turn 5 then you can register and manage your account online at and select 'register my child for school milk'. Registering online is the simplest and fastest way, however paper registration forms (available in multiple languages) are available and can be requested via the CoolMilk website.

If your child receives Free School Meals (this is not the same as Universal Infant FSM) and you would like them to continue to receive milk after they turn 5 then you can apply through the school by emailing the office on